Gorgeous White and Gold Baby Shower | Baby Shower Photography Calgary | Calgary Maternity Photographer

Beautifully Planned and Decorated Baby Shower Photographed in Broadcast Hill

 I had the pleasure of photographing the most amazing baby shower recently. Karolina and her family had every detail of the event planned perfectly.  The decorations were beautiful with a white and gold theme.  The cake and cupcakes were almost too wonderful to eat.  The decor was amazing and also included flowers, candy jars, and balloons.  The food was delicious too! 

To top it off there was also a bouncy house for the kids and a magic show! It was really spectacular and a great way to show how loved this baby is with their friends and family. 

Outside there was a gorgeous waterfall!  I couldn't believe that the outside of the community hall was lovely too...what are the chances??  We were able to capture some fun group photographs of all their friends and family as well as a few maternity portraits of the couple and their beautiful daughter.  

I've truly never attended a baby shower as spectacular as this one!  I was thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph it!

Having a professional photographer at your baby shower to document your event is a great idea!  You can relax and enjoy the moment and know that every detail will be captured.  You don't have to depend on friends with cell phones trying to take pictures in poor light or with low quality cameras.  I'd love to chat about your event!  Contact me

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Beautiful Sunset Maternity Photos in Bowness Park | Outdoor Maternity Photography in Calgary | Calgary Pregnancy Photographer

Sunset Maternity Photography by the River

This is one of my favourite maternity sessions that I have photographed to date.  I met up with Alicia and Andrew and Bowness Park.  Bowness Park is a gorgeous location that has so much variety including lovely trees, grassy areas, the Bow River and the lagoon.  Alicia and Andrew are such a fun couple who love nature so this location was perfect.  Bowness Park makes you feel like you are in the wilderness while you are really close to home.  We spent a relaxing evening walking around the park and capturing some beautiful maternity photos.

As always, the weather in Calgary was unpredicatble on the day of the pregnancy photo shoot.  As I was waiting for them to arrive the wind was really whipping around.  Luckily, just as they arrived the sun came out and the light for the photos was perfect.  I especially love the photos we captured of Alicia and Andrew together as the sun began to set down by the river.  You can really see what a beautiful connection they have and how excited they are to meet their baby!

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Harry Potter Themed Baby Pictures | Calgary Baby Photographer | Adorable Baby Photos in Calgary

Cute Harry Potter Baby Photography in Calgary

This Harry Potter themed photo shoot with Allison was one of my all time favourites!  I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and so is Allison's Mom.  She had the perfect outfit with the quote "Snuggle This Muggle" and I provided the Harry Potter scarf, wand, glasses, books and little stuffed owl (Hedwig).  Allison loved holding the glasses but didn't want to put them on so I used a little Photoshop magic to create an image with her wearing them after the photo shoot :)  Seriously, these baby photos could not be more adorable!

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 Harry Potter themed photos for little girls first birthday pictures by baby photographer Suzie Broadbent in Calgary, Alberta

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Great Locations Around Calgary for Family Photographs | Top Ten Locations for Family Photos in Calgary | Family Photographer Calgary

I love outdoor family photography!  There are so many beautiful and diverse locations in and around Calgary for amazing family photos.  With so much beauty in our area it can be difficult to decide on where to have photos done.  My clients often have trouble deciding on a location when it comes to outdoor family photos...so I decided to write this post to give some ideas for the best locations in Calgary. 

This time around I'm focusing on my favourite park settings in Calgary.  I'll discuss urban and out of town locations in another post.  I'm always open to photographing in new locations around Calgary...we are limited by nothing except our imaginations!  If your favorite spot didn't make my list please leave me a comment....I'd love to check out your favourite spot :)

Best Parks for Family Photography in Calgary

1. Baker Park

This is one of my favourite locations.  It's perfect in every season, particularly Fall.  Beautiful trees, lovely pathways, and river access.  Baker Park is great for families with small children or for seniors/people with limited mobility as you don't have to walk far for great scenery.  Also, the park is generally not too busy and there is lots of parking.

 Family of 5 walking through Fall trees for family photos in Baker Park in Calgary
 Fall Family photos in Baker Park for family of 5 in Calgary photographed by Windrush Images

More Information and Map - 9333 Scenic Bow Rd. N.W.

2. Confederation Park

A lovely location with beautiful curved wooden bridges make Confederation Park a favorite for family photos in Calgary.  It also features, beautiful trees, ponds and lots of green space.  Confederation Park is particularly stunning for Fall family photos as there are always beautiful colors and lots of leaves.

 Family photo shoot in Confederation Park in Calgary with family walking over wooden bridge swinging little boy
 Family photo shoot in the Fall leaves at Confederation Park in Calgary

Location and Map 24 Ave. & 14 St. N.W. to 30 Ave. & 10 St. N.W.

3. Bowness Park

Another Calgary favorite for family and maternity photography especially for families and couples that love the water.  With a beautiful lagoon and easy access to the river it can't be beat.  Bowness Park also features beautiful trees, a playground, boating, and a cafe.  It can be a great place to relax and reward the kids after the family photo shoot.

Parking can be very busy in the summer months, which can be a bit of a down side to this location.  Little kids may also be easily distracted by the playground and other activities for children so strategic location planning is needed with little kids to reach the playground at the end of the photos!

 Calgary maternity photography of gorgeous couple at sunset by the Bow River at Bowness Park
 Lovely couple relaxing on a bench by the water at Bowness Park in Calgay photographed by Windrush Images in Calgary

Location and Map: 900 48 Ave. N.W.

4. Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs

A hidden gem in the Calgary area, Silver Springs Botanical Gardens is a spectacular garden that not many people outside of the Silver Springs community know about.  There are gardens of all types of flowers, wooded areas, and even a labyrinth!  It is beautiful in all seasons.

This area also doubles as an off leash dog park so you and your children should be comfortable around dogs if you choose this location for your family photographs.  This also means it can be a great place for family pictures if you are including your family dog in the photos.

 Winter maternity photography of beautiful couple kissing on a bench in the snow in Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs in Calgary
 Family photograph of family walking around the labyrinth at Silver Springs Botanical Gardens in Calgary


5. Fish Creek Park

A great location if you are looking for a more rustic setting for family photos around Calgary.  Old wooden fences, old buildings, a red barn building, beautiful trees, open fields, water access this park is huge and has everything you need for great family photos.

 Rustic family photography in Fish Creek Park in Calgary leaning on an old wood fence


6. Bowmont Park

Bowmont Park is another unique Calgary location for family photography.  Its hilly setting and lush green space create a stunning background for your family photos.  In some areas there are wooden walkways and even a waterfall if you don't mind a bit of a walk.  This area is best for older children (ages 5 and up that don't mind walking around to find great spots).

 Family photo of Calgary family of five in Bowmont Park surrounded by green hills and standing on a wodden path.

More Information and Map 85 St. N.W. & 48 Ave. N.W.

7. North Glenmore Park

North Glenmore Park is a really beautiful location for maternity or family photos.  With views of the Glenmore Reservoir, wooded areas, green space and small ponds there is tons of variety.

 Calgary maternity photo shoot in North Glenmore Park with pregnant couple holding hands walking by scenic pond
 Pregnant couple in North Glenmore Park in Calgary posing in tall grass on a sunny day 

More Information and Map 7305 Crowchild Tr. S.W.

8. Your Own Backyard

Sometimes there is nothing better than having pictures done in your own backyard.  This is especially perfect when there is a large group involved that inlcudes little kids and seniors.  Everyone is in familiar territory and there is no walking around to find the perfect location.  Have the family meet at your house and have a blast capturing images of your family!

 Large extended Calgary family photographed in their backyard by family photographer Suzie Broadbent of Windrush Images

9. Your Lakeside Community

There are several lakeside communities around Calgary including, Auburn Bay, Arbour Lake, Coral Springs, Lake Bonavista, Lake Chaparral, Lake Sundance, Mahogany, Mindapore Lake, and McKenzie Lake.  You must be a member of the community to use these locations and a membership card is required by the family members. I've had the opportunity to photograph a family in Auburn Bay and the lake area is simply stunning with a large beach, bridges, waterfall, and green space.  If you live in a Lake Community and would like to have your family pictures taken in your own community this is a great option.

10. Your Neighbourhood

Some of my favourite family photo shoots around Calgary have taken place in my clients own meaningful neighbourhood locations.  Some examples include a ravine in your neighbourhood, a simple road side location, and your local neigbourhood park.  

I'll talk about urban settings, mountain settings and Calgary surrounding area locations in a future post as this one is getting a bit long :)

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Adorable One Month Old Baby Photography in Calgary Studio | Jiaqui | Newborn Photographer Calgary

It's so much fun to photograph a baby that is a little bit "older" (by that I mean older in terms of newborn photography which usually aims to have the newborn baby's photo session completed by 2 weeks of age).  By the time babies are a month old they already have times during the day when they are so engaged.  It's really quite amazing!  At 4 weeks old, for her newborn photography session, Jiaqui was quite alert.  I was able to capture some beautiful eye contact as she showed off her lovely brown eyes.  After a while she did drift off to sleep and I was also able to take some sweet, sleepy newborn poses.

This newborn photography session was also my first foray into digital backgrounds...which have become some of my most requested images.  Particularly the image of Jiaqui resting on the flower with the reflection underneath.  This is truly a special image that parents just love!

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 Awake one month old baby girl lying in basket with pink flowers and teddy bear for Calgary newborn photography session
 Calgary baby sleeping on white flower bed with butterflies in studio photograph at Windrush Images by Calgary newborn photographer
 One month old baby sleeping with pink flowers Calgary newborn photography
 Newborn baby girl sleeping on pink flower bed in Calgary Alberta with reflection 

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5 Tips for Great Cake Smash Photography | Calgary Cake Smash Photographer

I love cake smash photography!  It is so much fun to capture the amazing expressions and mess that a sweet little one year old can make.  However, some kids don't like their cake smash right away and there are some tips that can help the cake smash happen without any tears.

1.  Practice - Practice a cake smash...yes...I said it.  It's a good idea to let your child try some cake or a cupcake with icing before their cake smash session.  Let them make a mess!  Most of the time we discourage our babies and kids from making a mess while eating.  So when they get to a cake smash session and we want them to make a mess they are confused.  Also, they may have never tasted a cake or touched icing so they feel unsure and don't want to touch it let alone smash it.  Letting them practice before hand gets them used to the feel and taste of a cake.  If you don't want to let them practice with a cake try some cold mash potatoes and let them play :)

2.  Plan Around Naps - When scheduling the cake smash photography session make sure to think about nap times.  Kids are always happier in the earlier morning or after an afternoon nap.  It's best to schedule the photo shoot well away from nap time to guarantee those adorable smiles and content attitudes.

3. Bring Treats - Bring your child's favourite little treat to sprinkle on top of the cake.  A few cheerios, gold fish crackers, or a bit of fruit can do wonders for getting a child to reach for their cake.  Even if they don't like the cake it looks like they are reaching for it and touching it.  These small treats can be easily hidden in the cake or Photoshopped out so they don't affect the photographs.

4.  Wear Easily Washable Clothes - This tip is for the parents.  Even though this cake smash photography session is for your child I guarantee you will get messy!  You will be helping your child get into position if they crawl or walk around and you may even have to help them smash up the cake a bit.  You will get icing and cake on you so be prepared by wearing some old, easy to wash clothing.

5.  Relax and Have Fun - Babies are incredibly responsive to our moods.  Having professional photos done can be stressful but the more you can relax the more fun your baby will have.  There's no rush.  Take your time and let the baby get used to being in a studio, the lighting, and the photographer.  The photographer will have lots of tricks to get the baby smiling and into the cake.

Interested in booking a cake smash?  I'd love to chat to help you book a session or answer any questions.  Contact me!

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 Lemon themed cake smash pictures and baby boy blue cake smash photography in Calgary Alberta by photographer at Windrush Images
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Adorable Kids Spring Photos in Calgary | Affordable Spring Mini Photo Sessions for Children

I am teaming up again with Jennifer Bruce Photography to offer Kids Spring Mini Photo Sessions. Mini Sessions are $99 and include 5 edited digital images! We wanted to do something a little different which no one else in Calgary would be offering. This ruled out the typical Easter sessions and Mommy and Me sessions that are usually offered around this time. So we thought...what could be better than Springtime in Paris!!! We have the cutest Paris background scene and when the set is fully styled it will be so cute! There will also be several other set ups offered including planes, a carousel, and florals. So excited to photograph your little ones!!

The Details:

Kids spring Mini Sessions
Saturday, April 14 and Sunday, April 22
20-30 minute session
5 fully edited digital images

Sessions are suitable for both girls and boys, ages 4 months - 10 years. Contact me at windrushimages@gmail.com to book or for more info!

Please note these mini sessions are for kids only and cannot be used as a newborn or family session, although siblings are welcome to come together.



 Adorable little girl in pink dress at spring photo shoot holding flowers with a floral background in Calgary photography studio for affordable  kids photos
Source: www.windrushimages.com

Paris in Springtime | Kids Spring Mini Photo Shoots in Calgary

After the success of our Christmas photo sessions I am teaming up again with Jennifer Bruce Photography to offer Kids Spring Mini Photo Sessions.  We wanted to do something a little different which no one else in Calgary would be offering.  This ruled out the typical Easter sessions and Mommy and Me sessions that are usually offered around this time.  So we thought...what could be better than Springtime in Paris!!!  We have the cutest Paris background scene and when the set is fully styled it will be so cute!  We did some test pictures with lovely Madeline, which you can see below.

 Kids Spring Photos of Paris in the Spring with girl wearing blue dress holding wild flowers

The Paris set up will be perfect for both boys and girls.  We will also have several other set ups including a carousel and floral set for girls and airplanes for boys.  They are all gorgeous backdrops which your little ones will love.  Stay tuned to upcoming posts for some images of the boys but the carousel and floral scenes are below. 

 Beautiful girl with hair spread out resting on peach floral background for spring photos in Calgary
 Little girl twirling in blue dress with carousel background for spring mini pictures in Calgary studio
 Calgary spring kids photo of little girl in blue dress sitting in front of peach flower background in srudio

More details about dates and costs are in the works but as always feel free to contact me with any questions here

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Beautiful Spring Kids Photos With Floral Accents | Children's Spring Photo Shoot Inspiration | Calgary Kids Photography

Lovely Mila came in for a Spring themed photo shoot.  The photography session was filled with floral accents and beautiful pink and white colors.  She had the perfect white lacey dress and I had some sweet floral headbands.  

I think my favorite image from Mila's photo session was an image of her dancing and spinning.  It's just so natural and captures her true, pure, joy.  

Themed sessions are a lot of fun.  If you have a theme in mind for your baby's photo session I'm happy to work with you to make your vision come to life.  Please contact me for more information.

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 Spring kids photography session of little girl posed with pink white and peach florals in Calgary studio
 Calgary kids photography of little girl sitting in a chair with pink background
 Close up picture of little girl at Spring photography photo shoot in Calgary Alberta
 Calgary kids photographer of girl dancing joyfully wearing white dress and floral headband

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