Breastfeeding Photography Calgary | Tree of Life Photography Using PicsArt | Bottle Feeding Photography Calgary

I've been meaning to share this post for a while.  Several months ago there was a trend on social media called Tree of Life photos.  Using a cool app called PicsArt women were creating amazing breastfeeding images and sharing them (mostly on Instagram) to promote breastfeeding.  I've had the privilege to photograph a few of my clients breastfeeding so I decided to use the pictures and create the Tree of Life images as a gift for them.  They truly loved them!

One of my clients, who is an amazing Midwife here in Calgary (, was particularly excited by the pictures as she is a huge breastfeeding advocate.  When Mother's Day came around her husband contacted me and asked if I could enlarge the photos and put them on canvas.  Of course I did and the results were beautiful.  I have shared some pictures of the canvases below.

Honestly, as I was making these amazing images for my clients I felt a little left out as I wasn't able to breastfeed my son for a number of reasons.  So I created my own images using a pregnancy picture and some bottle feeding pictures.  I was also thrilled with how my own images turned out and though there is a lot of pressure to breastfeed always remember fed is best.

I've included some of my own images as well as my client images (shared with their permission) below.  If you would like to create your own Tree of Life photo here is a tutorial:

breastfeeding-photography-tree-of life
Canvas of tree of life breastfeeding photography
Colorful canvases of tree of life breastfeding photography created using PicsArt for Calgary midwife

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